Author of the book “Change”

Steve has not only written many real estate courses but has just finished his first book called “Change.” When he returned from his trip to Portugal, Steve had the Lord speak to him and tell him he must write books as well as speak. You can only travel so much said Steve, when asked, so he decided to start a series of books!

My first book “Change” took only minutes to conceive and then only minutes to write. Short but to the point, “Change” has only 12 pages, 12 quotes and 12 songs.

When asked why 12, Steve Rider answered, “I originally was going to make it 10 pages, but when I got to 10 my hand started to shake uncontrollably and I knew it must be 12, like the apostles.”

steve-surf-imageSteve has several other books in the works and always gives half to charity so he can accomplish his ultimate goal. What is this goal we asked?

“To inspire a young adult to help us desalinate the ocean,” Steve replied. “Simple by all standards as we do this in ships around the world and countries such as Israel, Palestine and Dubai, we do not have this readily available worldwide. Once we get this done, it will change the world as we know it, as 80% of the world is saltwater.”