Giving Back!


Philanthropy and Giving Back to your Community: IKick4Kids

35e00185-e229-4239-8136-bcb88fbf49ba IKICK4KIDS is a charity formed by Steve Rider in early 2016 donating soccer balls throughout the world. This image is taken in Cancun/Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Mexico where Steve Rider surprised a number of the local kids with brand new soccer balls!


“I met an inspiring man in Portugal named Hugo Silva and he had a charity that he formed where he goes around the world donating his time and energy inspiring young kids to play soccer. Once I heard Hugo’s story the only thing I thought was missing was the balls, so I started my charity to align with his goals and objectives.”

Together Steve and Hugo give their time and soccer balls not only worldwide but also in the USA. Remembering Red Day, Steve decided to give 100 soccer balls to innercity kids in Phoenix.

“I remember when I was in South Africa speaking, I received a series of letters from the elementary kids saying thank you for the balls as they had none in their entire school. I was crushed, moved and inspired by the kids who wrote letters, drew pictures and thanked me from the bottom of their hearts, I could not even read them because I was crying too hard. Since that moment in time, I knew I would give balls to underprivileged children everywhere I went!”

madison-rose-lane-school-thank-you-letter-for-soccer-ballssteve-and-gary-kw-kidsLeft: Thank You Letter from Madison Rose Lane School, Phoenix and Photo of Steve Rider with Gary Keller with a donation from Keller Williams.