Inspirational Speaker

Not many people would admit to failing as often as Steve?

From the time he was 12 and moved in the middle of the night to Phoenix to his mother going into a coma at 16 and not awakening for over 6 years, Steve has dealt with many tough times. It is those tough times that has inspired him to speak around the world, freely opening his heart to all that will listen.

As a speaker, Steve will explore the hardships, turned into opportunities with young and old alike sharing why you must always ask the two focusing questions upon failure, “what did I learn and what would I do differently?”

Come explore how he has incurred failure after failure to become a role model of the 21 century, designing a life everyone can relate to …

Real life experience separates Steve from many others because everyone has had failures, but not everyone learns from them!

As a featured or keynote speaker, Steve has spoken in front of over 14,000 Keller Williams agents in major conventions across the USA. He has also been a featured speaker worldwide – from the remote countries of Swaziland to the countries of Portugal, South Africa, Panama, Cancun (Mexico), and China (Hong Kong).

“It is not complicated” is one of his favorite sayings as he weaves true life experiences with true life examples of achievement into a message from God. “It is not odd, it is God” is yet another example of how he views life.